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Disneyland Portrait Sessions

Last August, I purchased Disney Annual Passes for my family – a first for me, since I’d only visited the park sporadically once Bubs was born, and even far less so before that. Once I had that little plastic card, though, I became a raging Disneyholic – visiting Disneyland every (other) month (once even a week apart between visits… which isn’t easy, living in northern CA), looking for reasons to use that freaking food/souvenir discount, I became someone that people went to with Disney questions (which is silly – just because I go a lot doesn’t mean I know jack about the parks or cool, hidden tips/tricks)… I even participated in a competition to see which 2-4 person team could ride the most rides within a 10-hour day…!!

#teamname didn’t win, btw… but we made it into the top 50 teams, so woo to us! haha!

At any rate, one of the things that I’d missed (but got a chance to do not too long ago) was shooting portraits in the parks. After mulling it over and using it as a reason to renew my AP status, I’ve selected a few dates in the latter half of the year to travel down and offer Disneyland/DCA portrait sessions.


If you are interested in booking a portrait session at the Happiest Place On Earth on one of these dates, please contact me to reserve your spot!