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Bridal Show Special!


Thank you to everyone that came to yesterday’s Bridal Showcase at Cal Expo! If you weren’t able to make it out to the show or got there after we ran out of flyers (sorry again!), Here’s the special I’m running until the end of the month:promofront


Drop me a line for more information!  :)

Toni & Miguel’s Palmdale Estates Wedding

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain how much I love LOVE. It’s definitely got a funny way of doing things, and there’s no denying that it can move mountains, but when you know it’s on, it’s ON. People like Toni and Miguel embody that pure sense of love, laughing and cuddling without a care in the world… that type of Cloud 9 kind of feeling that makes you reminisce about the first time you held hands, that first kiss goodnight, that burst of emotional energy to tell everyone you know how wonderful your life is now that they’re in your world (anybody catch that Elton John/Moulin Rouge reference? Eh?). You would have never even guessed from their behavior that this was a second marriage for both of them – their joy went beyond anything their past could tie them down with. From the giddiness of getting ready to their music choices throughout the day (big ups to the folks that helped them with THAT! I was straight DYING when some of the songs came on!!), Toni and Miguel are the reason I love what I do.

You guys were pure magic, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Congratulations, and enjoy!!

Melanie & Matt’s Wente Vineyard Wedding

I love photographing weddings at places I’ve never been before – it allows me to capture the day with fresh eyes, without a mental list of poses and locations that I need to use because “that’s what I’ve done in the past”. Wente Vineyards is a beautiful location that I’d never even heard of until last year (and at that point I had a couple of brides asking about it), so it’s rep was getting built up with every word… and it didn’t disappoint. Then again, a couple this fabulous could only be complimented with the right kind of environment, and goodness, did they go together well! With florals done by Melanie’s mom (as if the bouquet wasn’t gorgeous enough, that thing lit up! Always a first for me!), extremely tasteful/fun details abound (honey jar favors? strings of lights glowing above the dance floor? SWOON!), and toasts that kept the crowd laughing, this wedding was too easy to enjoy.

Congratulations, Melanie & Matt! Enjoy!

Cindy & Myles’ Vizcaya Wedding

There’s something to be said about weddings in the Sacramento region… I’m not quite sure if it’s the history of the area, the position it’s vying for as a source for the developing arts, or what, but just about all of the weddings I’ve shot here have this sort of comforting, home-like feel… and Cindy and Myles’ wedding last wedding season absolutely embraced that feeling. The entire day was saturated with a familial love for the two from every direction, and it was wonderful watching these two blissfully float along on a beautiful beginning together.

Thank you, guys, for allowing me to be a part of your awesome wedding! Congrats, and enjoy!  :)

Kim & Warren’s Couple Session

Bride: Kim
Groom: Warren
Venues: San Francisco City Hall, Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Gardens, Sutro Baths
Because they wanted to focus on wedding events on the day of their wedding, Kim and Warren opted to use their Couple Session in SF shortly after their wedding day to take pictures in their wedding attire. The couple requested both city hall and the tea gardens for their classic elegance, and I threw in the baths for a little California sun and grunge. All in all, a wonderful way to round out their wedding celebrations. Enjoy!

Kim & Warren’s Sacramento State Alumni Center wedding

Bride: Kim
Groom: Warren
Venue: California State University, Sacramento Alumni Center
Over the summer I was able to accompany Kim and Warren on a two-part photographic coverage of their wedding – one on the day of their wedding itself here in Sacramento, and the other a few weeks later in the form of a portrait session throughout San Francisco (to be posted soon). On the wedding day, the couple got ready and enjoyed some pre-wedding door games at the Sheraton; from there, we covered formal portraits at the capitol and then moved everything to Sac State for the Tea Ceremony and party (and man, can their guests work the dance floor!). Enjoy!

Leilani & Chad’s Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church and Brentwood Golf Club wedding

Bride: Leilani
Groom: Chad
Venues: The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church and The Brentwood Golf Club, both in Brentwood, CA
I had the pleasure of photographing Leilani & Chad’s beautiful wedding in Brentwood this past summer. Their ceremony was a wonderfully simplistic catholic service, and once over they brought the party to their reception venue, where details such as math problems to find your table number (Leilani’s a math teacher) and a gelato cart (uh, YUM!) totally won all the guests (and myself!) over. Enjoy!